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Golden Bull Award 2012

The Golden Bull Award actknowledged as the most pretigious and representative annual business award, the Golden Bull Award honors the best of SMEs in Malaysia by giving them due recognition for their hard-earned success and outstanding achievements. Presented by Nanyang Siang Pau, the Award aims to provide an effective platform to benchmark successful SMEs.


Nanyang Siang Pau Special Edition - GBA 2012



《财经》杂志 - 2013年 1月



Nanyang Siang Pau - 南洋商报 11/11/2012


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The moment of receiving award from Minister of Finance II, Malaysia.


Management Member

The GST Group Management Member.

Branch Managers

KL, Langkawi, Penang Branch Manager and Director.

Managing Director, Executive Chairman, Director.

group member

Management member group photo with the award.

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